MKM Mikita Voxnaes Colvera Black G10 Titanium Frame Lock Flipper M390 LS02-GTBK

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LionSteel Knives, as part of MKM and the Mikita network, has teamed up with iconic Danish custom knife maker Jesper Voxnaes to bring us the Colvera flipper. Taking its name from the stream of the same name that has driven the hammers of Maniago since the 15th Century the Colvera has the clean, utilitarian design lines Vox is known for combined with the precision manufacturing that makes a LionSteel a LionSteel. This version comes with 3D machined and contoured black G10 and titanium handles and a tumbled M390 blade. Brand new and Direct from MKM/LionSteel Knives of Italy Blade: The wide, spear point blade is pure Vox with clean, organic lines that flow with the handle. Dual fullers as aesthetic appeal to the stonewash finished blade which deploys on the ball bearing pivot via the removable flipper tab or, when removed, via the fullers for two hand opening. The high height grind provides durability and cutting performance with plenty of belly for outdoor and utility tasks. Handle: This version comes with a 3D textured and contoured black G10 front scale and matching titanium integral frame lock construction with hardened steel lock face insert. The dual texture handle milling provides comfort and traction with a semi-open back construction for ease of maintenance. The generous handle design accommodates multiple grip positions and hand sizes. Titanium hardware and blue anodized pivot collar round out the construction with a generous hole provided for lanyard attachment. Includes nylon zip pouch for transport and storage. Carries via a right hand, tip-up, 3D Machined Titanium Pocket Clip. Bohler M390: Bohler M390 has become an extremely popular choice for high-end user grade knives thanks to its extreme edge retention. M390 also has a good corrosion resistance, meaning most users can avoid problems by simply wiping off their blade after each use. Another great feature of this steel is its ability to resist burr formation during sharpening. Comparable steels are CTS-204P and Duratech 20CV.
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